Frequently Asked Questions


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What is a reverse raffle?
This is where all the tickets go into a pot or something similar and the last ticket drawn out is the winner. Usually there are a designated number of tickets which are usually of higher value than most raffles. Often the drawing of the tickets becomes an event in its own right as the tickets are drawn, the suspense builds.
How can I use RЯaffle?
Simply RЯaffle can be used to pull a random number (ticket) out of a range of numbers (1-300, 600-900, 1-20, etc.). Where it really shines is for a full Reverse Raffle that where every number can be pulled and along the way sponsors and announcements can be shown.
Is this a fundraising app for us?
RЯaffle is not a true fundraising app, but more of a tool that can draw a ticket out of a range of tickets. Some example uses would be a purse raffle, a gun raffle and the obvious reverse raffle.
Can a raffle be any size, 100,200,300 or more spots?
A raffle can be as big as you want and start at any number you want, and looks best with only three digit numbers 1-999. If you are at a live event you are only limited to the screen you are projecting to and the screen resolution of the computer you running the raffle one.
How would you use RЯaffle for a live reverse raffle event?
A good setup would be a laptop connected to a projector that can show the draw board on a screen. The laptop is then used to run the raffle by either the emcee or any person that is part of the organization running the raffle.
Can a winner be defined after so many numbers have been pulled?
This is a feature only available in our the works plan currently, but is something that could end up in our lower plans.
Can tickets that haven't been sold yet be auctioned off at the event then added to the pot?
Absolutely! It's easy to add those tickets back in later as some organizations hold off on selling a couple tickets for that reason.
How random are the numbers that are pulled from the range?
An alpha version of this software has ran a local athletic boosters reverse raffle since 2011 and has never had the same number pulled as the winner.
How does the The works subscription work with purchasing tickets?
You set the prices of your raffle tickets and the credit card processing fees are put on the purchasor so that you get exactly the amount you set your ticket prices to.